Tattoo Shop Insurance

As a tattoo artist you work in an environment where there is a high risk factor. Tattooing equipment is expensive and are ultimately the tools of your trade, so if stolen or damaged, you run the risk of losing out financially. When it comes to tattooing members of the public there is always a risk of complaints due to infections that are out of your control. Having a detailed Tattoo Shop Insurance policy is the best way to ensure that you are protected against potential damage to your assets, or potential claims against your work.

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Tattoo Studio Insurance from Mercury Insurance Brokers

Our team of insurance experts at Mercury Insurance understand the importance of your equipment and your reputation as a tattoo artist. This is why we can create a bespoke tattoo artist insurance policy that will fit your specific requirements. If you own a tattoo studio and require contents insurance we can provide you with the policy your business requires.

Additional options for a Tattoo Shop Insurance Policy

When building your policy we take into account exactly what you require. There’s no need to pay for a policy that does not completely apply to your business. Your policy can be as basic or as detailed as required, and may include the following options:

Shop contents insurance – Your shop fixtures and furniture, as well as tattoo equipment is invaluable to the success of your business. We recognise the need to protect it to ensure that you don’t incur any losses as a result of theft or damage due to unforeseen circumstances. Protect your tattooing equipment with shop contents insurance from Mercury Insurance Brokers.

Guest artist and convention insurance – If you are a tattoo artist who frequently travels and works at several studios, or will be attending conventions regularly, the team at Mercury Insurance can ensure that you are protected against any potential risks whilst working in different studios or conventions nationwide.

Are you looking for Tattoo Business Insurance?

Mercury Insurance Brokers can provide you with a complete package to protect your tattoo shop against potential losses due to unforeseen circumstances that may arise. We will develop your policy based on your specific needs, so that you are covered at the right level for your business.

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