Spiritualists’ National Union Church Insurance

At Mercury, we partner with the Spiritualists’ National Union to provide peace of mind when it comes to the safety of their members churches or Spiritualist centres.

As an SNU member our experienced and dedicated team take the time to understand your specific needs, then ensure the sufficient cover is always arranged.

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See the benefits of choosing Mercury to cover your Church or Spiritualist Centre:

  • Experienced and knowledgeable team
  • Policies are underwritten by Ansvar, named Insurance Company of the Year at the Better Society Awards 2015
    • £55 million donated to charity
    • 25% of pre-tax profits donated to charity in the last 5 years
  • Tailor built packages including cover for:
    • Church buildings
    • Contents
    • Public & employers liability
    • Events
    • Trustees indemnity covered as standard
  • Premiums from £120 per annum
  • Interest free monthly instalments
  • Discounts for good risk management
  • Supported by The Spiritualists’ National Union
For a quote, or for more information on our church insurance policies, contact Mercury on:
01992 566984

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Insurance Term Explanations Section
Insurance doesn’t have to be confusing

Trustee’s Indemnity

Protects the Church against any losses and legal costs incurred due to liability claims from a wrongful act by a Trustee. It’s important to remember that this wrongful act doesn’t necessarily have to have malicious intentions. It could simply be a Trustee who gave advice to someone with the best intentions, that has made errors in their judgement leading to investigations and legal proceedings. Without this insurance in place, the Trustee may have to cover the costs of the claim themselves.

Employer’s Liability

This is a type of insurance that all employers are legally obliged to hold. This insurance will cover the employer against any claims and legal fees incurred as a result of an illness or injury caused at work. As a Church it can be difficult to understand how this type of cover applies to your organisation. However, it’s important to understand the term employee actually has a broad definition and also covers volunteers (Unpaid workers). Therefore you have the same duty of care as an Employer who pays their employees for their work. Failing to have this type of cover not only puts the Church at risk of having to pay out for any claims from their own funds, but puts you at risk of facing a fine of up to £2,500 for every day you’ve not had sufficient over.

Buildings Sum Insured

This is a figure that you’ll find on your insurance documents that states the maximum amount of money your insurer would be prepared to pay out should your Church be badly damaged or even destroyed entirely. The buildings sum insured section of your policy covers: The clearing of any damaged structure, the rebuild of your Church to its current design and repairs to any surrounding land. It is entirely your responsibility to ensure that you’re not under insured and that the value of this sum is correct at each and every renewal. It is important to remember that buildings sum insured is neither the valuation nor price you paid for your Church. If you’re unsure about your Church’s buildings sum insured, this figure can be found on your mortgage survey or valuation report.

Insurance Premium Tax

Insurance Premium Tax, commonly abbreviated to IPT, is a form of tax on insurance premiums set by the government. IPT works in a similar way to VAT, as VAT isn’t applicable to insurance. The rate of this tax is subject to change however it is currently 12% as standard. IPT is calculated and based on a percentage of the premium price. IPT must be added to your quote however, the figure your insurers give you at renewal will already include this IPT tax.

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