Takeaway Insurance

The takeaway business is fast paced and high risk, which is why you should build a Takeaway Insurance policy that fits the requirements of your business. Working in a catering setting can mean the occasional incident, but having an insurance policy that is tailored to your catering business is an effective way of preventing any unnecessary losses.

At Mercury Insurance Brokers we have already created insurance policies for countless businesses in the catering sector. From small cafés to fast food vans, and restaurants – our expert team can advise you on the Takeaway Insurance Scheme you require.

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We offer a professional service for those who run the local takeaway. From fish and chip shop insurance to fast food restaurant insurance, we can provide you with catering public liability insurance, as well as protection if you have to close temporarily. Our insurance for takeaways is high quality catering insurance, put together in one simple policy.

Sadly we cannot currently insure individual vehicles for food delivery but we are investigating adding this to our takeaway insurance in the future.

Additional Cover for your Catering Business

Remember that we adapt your policy so that it is tailored completely to your catering business. If you would like additional cover such as front of premises insurance or employee theft insurance, our team will get to work, and create a policy that is customised to your needs.

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