Corporate and Large Business Risks

Managing Corporate Risk

At Mercury, we offer long standing market expertise for large businesses that require cover to protect themselves in high risk situations. When it comes to insurance for larger businesses, we will provide you with a policy that is tailored completely to your business needs – helping you to avoid damaging costs in a high risk environment.

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What does corporate risk insurance include?

That depends on your business needs. If you require advice on where your corporate risk lies, or simply need to discuss the best policy to put together in accordance with your needs, we can help. With so many factors involved in running a large business, you may want to discuss cover for all or some of the following:

  • Compliance
  • Fraud
  • Data integrity
  • Liquidity risk
  • Legal obligations
  • Public liability
  • Security

Why is a detailed corporate risk insurance policy important?

Transferring risk is an important part of keeping it to a minimum for your business. We can offer you a comprehensive policy that will relieve some of the pressure on corporate risk managers and their duties, to reduce the possibility of high risk situations. Your corporate business insurance policy will enable you to address existing and developing risks in order to protect your business fully and manage costs effectively.

How we can mitigate your corporate risk

Minimise the possibility of financial loss by using our corporate risk team’s advice. We could help your business eliminate unnecessary risk, and protect your business from unforeseen situations that could have a detrimental financial effect or cause damage to your company’s reputation. Our team of experts will discuss your requirements in depth to establish your needs, whether they’re solely financial, or more complex.

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